Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It was raining when we packed up this morning, but not too bad.  We managed to leave by 8:30 this morning.  Left the house and cats in the hands of our capable son Chris.  Who knows what fun they will get into while we are gone 8^)

The trip today when pretty well.  Traffic wasn't bad!  When we were headed toward Fayetteville, NC I started counting signs for strip joints and sex toy stores.  I counted at least 15!  I had forgotten this seedy side of NC.  Once we made it past those, they were quickly replaced with famous South of the Border signs 8^)  I had an uncontrollable urge to stop.  Almost did, but Pam grabbed the steering wheel and yanked us back on the road 8^(

The rain cleared, leaving us in partly cloudy skies in NC and SC which made for excellent cruising whether.  Traffic was pretty thin too so we made good time.  Until the rain returned in GA.  Still, we did pretty well and arrived at our hotel in Jacksonville at 7:15 pm, dog tired.  Went out to eat at a Japanese Sushi restaurant complete with two loud kids, children of one of the staff.  But the warm Sake took care of that problem 8^)

Got back to the room and passed out:

Stay tuned for more adventures of Pam & Paul in Florida 8^)

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