Friday, May 11, 2012

Home at Last!

We really did make it back to Virginia!  We arrived home on Monday evening after an 11.5 hour drive from Jacksonville.  A wreck on I-295 around Jacksonville forced us to take a detour that cost about 30 minutes.  Then we ran into another wreck on I-95 near South of the Border.  So guess what?  We visited Pedro!  The detour took us right through Pedro Land.  But no, we didn't stop.

I'm in the process of loading all my photos, thousands of them, to my imaging computer.  So I will be posting more pics once I have loaded them all and can begin to organize and edit them.  So hang on!  More to come.

Before we headed home we took some time to see some other sites.  You can see my photos of these areas here:

Final St. George Island pics:


Crooked River Lighthouse, Indian Mound and Monticello Courthouse:

St. Augustine:

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