Sunday, October 20, 2013

Escape to Ocracoke Island!

Pam and I decided to escape to Ocracoke Island, NC to celebrate our 29th Wedding Anniversary.  It took us about 7.5 hours from Richmond, VA to get here.  But that included a wait of 45 minutes for the ferry at Hatteras and an hour lunch.  The ferry only runs once an hour on the hour in the off season.  During the summer, the ferry ones every half hour.

Anyway, we arrived at 4:30 pm with plenty of time to relax on the balcony overlooking Ocracoke Harbor also known as Silver Lake.  Enjoyed supper at Dajio's restaurant.  Crab cakes for Pam.  Cioppino (seafood stew) for me.  Great food!

Cool beach house stands guard over the entrance to the Ocracoke ferry terminal at Hatteras.

The NC ferry Hatteras approaches us as we pass midway to Ocracoke Island.

The view from our balcony of Ocracoke Harbor.

Where we are staying - Ocracoke Harbor Inn.

Ocracoke Sunset


You know you are a weather geek when you can ID weather stations!  This is a Davis Vantage Pro with solar powered wireless transmitter.  Similar to mine.  I've got a solar powered fan aspirated shield for my temperature sensor (at the bottom) to eliminate the effects of direct sunlight.  Mine also has UV and Solar Radiation sensors.

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