Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello Kosovo!

We just returned from a week in Kosovo visiting with our son Chris and to see the Kosovo he has been talking about.  

Where is the heck is Kosovo? 

Kosovo is landlocked, surrounded by Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro.

We started our journey by driving from Richmond, Virginia (where we live) to Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia.  We boarded a United Airlines flight to Zurich and a SWISS flight to Prishtina, the capitol city of Kosovo.  "Pristina" is the Serb spelling of the city's name.  "Prishtina" is the spelling used by the predominantly Albanian population.  

Pristina International Airport (southwest of Prishtina)

As we flew into the night over the Atlantic Ocean, we were treated to a beautiful sunset!

Click on my photos below to see them in high resolution on Flickr.  You can view the photos in high resolution by clicking here!

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean east of Nova Scotia, Canada

We had about a three hour layover at Zurich, Switzerland before we boarded a SWISS flight to Prishtina.  As we flew toward Kosovo, we gasped as we looked down on a gorgeous view of very rugged and majestic-snow capped mountains of Montenegro.

The gorgeous snow-capped mountains of Montenegro

After a two hour flight, we landed at Pristina International Airport.  It is a small but modern and clean airport with a terminal built in 2013.  

We were met by our son Chris and a taxi driver who took us to Hotel Afa in downtown Prishtina, a 15 minute ride from the airport.  The friendly Hotel Afa staff quickly got us into our room on the fourth floor overlooking their quiet and relaxing courtyard.

Hotel Afa Courtyard

We relaxed in the courtyard, regaining our energy to explore Prishtina, our next blog article!

You can view the entire set in high resolution by clicking here!

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