Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Road To Gjakova

Our new friends Lirac & Suela invited us over for a traditional Albanian meal of lamb and vegetables.  Even enjoyed some Raki!  The meal was wonderful.  And so was their hospitality!  We really appreciated a home cooked meal!

The next day, we met Lirac & Suela at 6:00 am and left for the Albanian Alps where we planned to spend a night in Valbona National Park.  We planned to stop for lunch in Gjakova, Lirac's home town.  Chris graciously offered to drive us in his Jeep rental.

Islam is the predominate religion in Kosovo where 96% of the population is Muslim, most of whom are Kosovo Albanians.  As a result, we saw many Mosques.

Click on my photos below to see them in high resolution on Flickr.  You can view the photos in high resolution by clicking here!

Village, Minaret & Mosque along Highway R110.

More Snow-capped Mountains

Hillside Homes along R110

A man and his beast.

Valley homes near Gjakova

Horses along R110

You can view the photos in high resolution by clicking here!

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