Sunday, September 6, 2015

Raclette in Zurich @ The Hotel Adler!

It was just a layover, but Pam and I really wanted to see a little of Zurich, Switzerland.  So we booked reservations at Hotel Adler in Zurich's Altstadt (Old Town) area.  Hotels are expensive in Zurich.  Our double room cost $241 USD for two in May, 2015.  However, we felt the experience was well worth the cost!

We arrived at Zurich Airport on a Swiss A320 flight from Prishtina, Kosovo.  Zurich Airport is a busy but small airport with lots of walking involved, even with the help of a tram to take us to the baggage area!  We downstairs to the Zurich Railway Station underneath the airport and took a train to Zurich Central Station near the Old Town area.  From there, we took the #4 Tram to the Rudolf-Brun-Brücke stop, a short walk of 100 meters to Hotel Adler.

When we arrived, it was time for supper, so we enjoyed a traditional Swiss meal at the Swiss Chuchi Restaurant located on the first floor of our hotel (Hotel Adler).  We chose mixed meat Raclette with Cheese Fondue and a bottle of Bianco di Merlot from Runchet vinyards in Italy.

Click on my photos below to see them in high resolution on Flickr.  You can view the photos in high resolution by clicking here!

Cheese, Vegatables & Pickles

We used a small heated grill at our table to saute tender marinated pork and beef slices just the way we like them. 

Sauteing a Marinated Pork Slice

We then dipped the cheese, vegetables, pickles and meat in the melted cheese fondue.

Cheese Fondue

It was a great meal!  Next blog article will be on our evening walk through Old Town Zurich.  Here's a pic of our room at the Hotel Adler, complete with a mural painted on our wall.

Our Room @ Hotel Adler, Old Town Zurich

View from our room.

Hotel Adler, Old Town Zurich

It was a wonderful layover in a wonderful city!  We will return someday!

You can view the photos in high resolution by clicking here!

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