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Day 19 - St. Michael's Mount - on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

At 9:34 am on the 22nd we left from Bedknobs B&B in Bodmin to explore the southern coast of Cornwall, England.  1.5 hours later we arrived at the car park in Marazion on Mounts Bay at 10:00 am.  While we had heard that St. Michael's Mount was worth seeing, we did not realize how big the place is!  It was one of those OMG moments.  Over 300,000 people visit St. Michael's Mount each year.  After four hours of touring including lunch, we arrived back at our car!

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With St. Michael's Mount always in view, we walked the causeway across Mounts Bay at low tide.  Known by locals as "The Mount" is one of 43 tidal islands that can be walked to from mainland Britain at low tide.

In 1954, Francis St Aubyn - the third Lord St Levan - gave most of St Michael's Mount to the National Trust. He retained a 999 year lease for the family to live in the castle and a licence to show the historical rooms to the visiting public.

The climb up to the castle from the north side.  

It is believed that St. Michael, the Archangel, appeared before fishermen.  That vision led to the construction of the first church on The Mount in the 12th century.  Monastic buildings were also built there around the same time.

One of many cozy living rooms within the castle.

Today, the  5th Baron St. Levan of St. Michael's Mount and his wife Mary live at St. Michael's Mount with their family.

The Chevy Chase Room is one of the more popular rooms in the castle because of its hunting theme on the walls and the stained-glass windows.

The Courtyard - A great place to stretch your legs and get away from the crowds!

St. Michael's Mount Harbour from the castle.  The causeway can be seen in the middle right of this photo.  It is tidal, meaning it is under water during high tides.  The harbour protects a fleet of boats that bring supplies to the island and transport tourists back to the mainland.

Stained Glass inside the castle.  There are many examples of some great stained-glass in the castle.

One of many great stained glass examples in the Chapel Of Saint Michael.

Pam in the sanctuary of the Chapel Of St. Michael.  The rose window in the chapel dates to the 15th century.

The Chapel of St. Michael was built by Edward The Confessor and handed over to the Benedictines as a Cornish counterpart to Mont St. Michel in France. 

Castle Window

Residence of one of 12 families who live and work on the island throughout the year.  The estate employs approximately 80 seasonal employees to provide services for tourists and to maintain the estate.

East Castle View

WWII Pillbox, one of three on the island.

Castle Gardens

Eastern View of Mount Bay

Castle Gardens II

South East Castle View

Castle Gardens III

St. Michael's Mount Harbour

Causeway Under Water @ High Tide

Boat taking tourists back to the mainland at high tide.

The boat ahead of us on our return.

You can view the entire set in high resolution by clicking here!

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